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About Yantra


Inspired by India in every aspect – from our silk wallpapers to our stately, fort-inspired door, celebrated designers Matthew and Paul of MSDO have artfully composed five uniquely Indian spaces within Yantra. Drawing on décor that wends masterfully through the depths of the subcontinent, each visit to Yantra promises a new adventure.

The Place


Blending a culinary philosophy that pays tribute to India’s rich legacy, culinary historian Pritha Sen and Executive Chef Pinaki Ray create an extensive menu offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Featuring niche ingredients sourced across the Subcontinent and South East Asia, a poetic and irreverent experience awaits.

The Food


People passionate about Indian Cuisine. A celebrated revivalist of rare and bygone receipes. Pritha Sen brings her love of Indian cuisine to Singapore with recipes that span the length and breadth of the Subcontinent. Alongside our ever-talented Executive Chef, Pinaki Ray.

The People

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