About Yantra


Food. What is it really?

Food is time you can taste. You need time to truly savour it, yet what you are savouring is time itself. Not only the minutes and hours that went into preparing the dish in the kitchen, but the weeks and months that went into nurturing the produce in the earth. And beyond that, the years and centuries over which the recipe was developed, passed down through the generations, finessed, interpreted, refined and sometimes, reinvented.

At Yantra restaurant, every dish is a history book on a plate. Some are complete chapters ­– perfect renditions of traditional Indian cuisine. Others are living chronicles of our times – inspired by tradition and shaped by external influences, with unexpected twists and turns.

Helmed by distinguished celebrity chef Hemant Oberoi, Yantra restaurant pays tribute to fine Indian cuisine with a balanced mix of classic and contemporary, non-vegetarian and pure vegetarian dishes. In loving, reverent and highly skilled hands, the beloved dishes of the motherland are recreated with a purist’s precision. Others are transformed into innovative incarnations that simultaneously stir loving memories while exciting the taste buds with a hint of the unknown.

Situated in upscale Tanglin Mall, Yantra is a sanctuary of calm, cloaked in warm earthy tones that are reminiscent of ancient India. With minimal embellishment and light, airy interiors, the star of the show is the food. The supporting cast is the service. The front row seats are the guests, wherever they may be seated in the expansive 1,000 sq ft interior.

The hallowed Sanskrit saying Atithi Devo Bhava, which translates loosely asThe guest should be treated like a god’ perfectly sums up the service philosophy of Yantra. The long-serving staff are highly knowledgeable and consummately qualified to guide guests on their culinary journeys at Yantra. Should you be bound by food allergies or dietary restrictions, just say the word and the team will devise a special meal so satisfying that you will feel cherished, not cheated. Requests for Jain cuisine and vegan cuisine are happily accommodated. Likewise, the obliging team will dial the spice levels up or down in accordance with diners’ personal preferences.

Building on its reputation for excellence, Yantra has partnered with Chef Hemant Oberoi to secure a permanent place in the firmament of culinary stars. A perfectionist by nature with a passion for cooking, Chef Hemant Oberoi has created and curated a slew of award-winning Indian-inspired restaurants including Masala Art, Masala Kraft, Masala Bay and Masala Klub. In addition, the Chef’s contemporary restaurant ‘Varq’ made it to San Pellegrino’s hallowed list of best restaurants.

Chef Hemant Oberoi has fed the Prime Ministers and Presidents of the world, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama and Margaret Thatcher, as well as Hollywood stars such as Brat Pitt, Angeline Jolie and Demi Moore. Regardless of stature and status, every guest is a VIP at Yantra.

Chef Oberoi’s magic in the kitchen is reflected in a menu replete with deftly orchestrated fusion dishes such as Quinoa Chaat, Varqui Crab, Thepla Tacos, Seafood Rassa Ganderi Kebabs, Dum Ki Sunehari Nalli, Murgh Khatta Pyaz, Grazing Goat, Bhatti Prawns and Ghee Roast Chicken. The maestro goes boldly where few Indian chefs have ventured – breaking the rules precisely because he has mastered them. Out of regard for diners’ health, overloads of rich ingredients are avoided, but never at the expense of taste. Sauces and gravies give forth a sumptuous mouthfeel, revealing layers of taste and surprise flavours from handpicked spices flown in regularly from India.

Desserts at Yantra are highly inventive, fusing East and West in miniature works of edible art that are worth every single calorie. Few can resist the likes of Carrot Halwa Cigars, Gulab Jamun Tiramisu, Sugar Cane Sorbet and an array of flavoursome sugar-free desserts.

Elevating the best of India’s beloved street food to haute cuisine, Yantra serves an extensive menu of classic and fusion chaat dishes. At lunchtime, a North Indian veg and non-veg buffet serves up quality and value while satisfying the need for speed among time-starved corporates.

Yantra houses an extended bar that serves a list of innovative alcoholic and non-alcoholic tipples, including an impressive collection of prized and rare single malt whiskies. Signature cocktails include the exotic Yantra Gold Martini, Mango Gimlet, Tandoori Mojito, Bombay Martini and Berry Berry. An extensive wine list of more than 250 old world and new world labels gives rise to brilliant pairings of wine and food, with a highly trained sommelier on hand to guide you through epicurean adventures of Indian food paired with French, German, Italian, South African and Australian wines. With its soft lighting and laid-back, cosmopolitan vibe, the bar at Yantra is the perfect location for an aperitif or post-prandial nightcap.

Though compliments from diners are the ultimate of accolades, Yantra is honoured to have made it to the Best Restaurants lists of Wine and Dine Singapore, Singapore Tatler and The Miele Guide. In 2011, it received the notable Epicurean Star Award for the Best Restaurant Concept (Asian).

In a market where only the best survive, Yantra has secured its place in the upper echelons of Singapore’s dining scene since its opening almost a decade ago. It has won not only awards, but the hearts of society’s most discerning diners.

“Cooking is like love, both come from the heart. You have to be extremely passionate about what you do” says Chef Hemant Oberoi.

Dine at Yantra and you can be assured of a wonderful meal. Take your time to savour what centuries of tradition have crafted, and hours of dedication in the kitchen have honed. Finally, taste and feel the incredible love that has been lavished on every detail.

We would love to welcome you.